Steffen deGraaf Smartcar Coffee Confidential

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Steffen about life, business and his hobbies. This is his Smartcar Coffee Confidential. Read more ›

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ATTN: Small Businesses – Here’s What $799 Will Get You in Marketing Services (in 2018)

Wood iphone smartphone 583846Small Businesses are always telling me what they want. They want more leads. They want more sales. They want more business.

They also tell me they can’t afford to spend much on marketing, have very little time and are juggling too many tasks!

So what are they supposed to do?

Good question and today I thought I’d explain what those small business can get for $799 in 2018 … Read more ›

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Online There’s a Sucker Born Every Second

The great P.T Barnum once said “There’s a sucker born every minute” and with the advent of the Internet those same snake oil salesmen, con artists and charlatans are back – this time with the power of technology to ‘prove’ their rakish claims. So now (paraphrasing P.T) ‘There’s a sucker born every second…online!”

For instance, if I gave you the very best oil paint, the best brushes and the best canvas do you believe you could be Picasso or Van Gogh? Of course not – they had great creative skill learned patiently over their lives. In fact, if memory serves, Van Gogh couldn’t even afford the best tools and yet was still able to produce beautiful (if somewhat strange) artwork – now that’s skill.

I’m sure you’d agree the tools do not make the master. Yet every day on the Internet we are bombarded with claims of push-button success – mastery at the push of a button. Admittedly the allure of this dream is tempting, who wouldn’t hope for such a thing, but we need to temper our fantastic wishes with a healthy dose of skepticism. Read more ›