Watch your future Burlington Mayoral candidates get coffee and chat about life, politics and more …

Burlington Ontario City HallOctober 22, 2018 will be an interesting day indeed because local residents of Burlington Ontario will go to the polls and choose a new city council.

And the “top dog” role is that of City Mayor.

At the time of writing this is a 3 horse race:

* Mayor Rick Goldring – running for 3rd term re-election

* Mike Wallace – returning to local politics

* Marianne Meed Ward – Currently our Ward 2 Councillor

All three candidates have something to offer and in the immortal words of Connor McLoud (the Highlander Movie for non-film buffs) … “there can be only one!”

If you’d like to get a better sense of the person behind the politics, you might enjoy my Smartcar Coffee Confidential show where I interview guests and dig into the important topics … like, how they take their coffee 😜

But seriously, here are the latest videos for each candidate. I’ll update this post with the latest video episode as it airs so remember to check back.

Here they are … Read more ›

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