Tubebuddy is saving me hours each week editing my videos

man-person-love-271897.jpegI was tired yesterday evening. That annoys me because it stops me from working on my computer or chipping away at a project that matters to me.

Anyway, what’s my point?

It’s that even when I’m tired I find a way to learn something new.

Take YouTube last night, I spent hours exploring all the little nooks and crannies in their platform.

Then, to make matters funner … I explored the plugin TUBE BUDDY (TB) that helps you navigate, manage and use YouTube in an easier fashion.

TB also has some awesome automation features too including my favourite from last night:


It also lets you remove that same block of text or change it with a click of one button. It’s called the “Vid2VidPromotion” feature and damn it’s cool because it saves me hours of editing.

Now I can cross promote a video in all my other videos with one click.

The text is customizable and the way I’m using it currently is to promote the latest video from the Smartcar Coffee Confidential show!

Yup, that means each week ALL my 100+ video descriptions are updated to include a soft sell message with encouragement to check out the latest episode or trailer from the show.

Next week I’ll change them all again with one click.

Cool eh?

PS. To get a sense of how valuable this is, imagine editing 100+ videos manually. If it takes just 1 minute per edit cycle (not unreasonable) then your saving 1hr 40mins for every 100 videos you need to edit!

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How to profile people for persuasion and profit

In this short 6min video I’ll show you how to PROFILE PEOPLE FOR PERSUASION AND PROFIT using an NLP process I call VAKIETA.

If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy discovering how I put my my business profits on autopilot. Visit for free training and resources.

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The #SideHustle Value Formula

rich-blur-money-259027.jpegFollow the #SideHustle Value Formula below to make maximum money!


Clearly communicate exactly who your #SideHustle is for. Be specific, not vague. People want to purchase a solution designed just for them, not for everyone.


Demonstrate you understand your prospect’s pain. Prospects are looking for pain relief, but first you have to show you understand and empathize with their pain.


Show your #SideHustle is a cure (solution) for the pain. And talk about what things will be like when the pain is gone and things are finally working and pain-free. Spread some hope.


Talk about all the other great things that come with your #SideHustle, beyond just pain relief. What else do they get with your #SideHustle that will make them feel even better?


Tell a story of how a prospect (just like them) came to you with a pain, and how your #SideHustle provided an effective solution (to remove the pain and make things better).


Explain how this #SideHustle (pain relief) actually works. Relate the story behind its development. Outline the steps to take. Show what happens and how the prospect will be involved.


Tell about yourself and how you became an expert working with
people like them with similar pains and how you’ve successfully relieved pain for many, many people.


With confidence and clarity, tell your prospect exactly what they need to do next to find out more about your #SideHustle and whether or not it is right for them.

There is one simple rule with the #SideHustle Value Formula:

Use the COMPLETE formula every single time you communicate
about your #SideHustle with a prospect.

Your conversations, your web site, your presentations, your emails, your articles, and your face-to-face meetings all need to embrace the #SideHustle Value Formula.

Here’s to your #SideHustle success!

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