Bestselling Author & Instructor


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James got his first computer when he was in junior school. He was instantly fascinated with programming and how computers could improve people's lives. Later, at 18 and fresh out of college, Oracle UK hired him. There, he quickly learned he had a gift for demystifying complex subjects and began his career developing solutions and training others. Fast-forward 30+ years, he's still solving problems and helping people use technology to create their desired lifestyles.

James has written numerous books on business and technology, three of which earned him Amazon's best-selling author status. He also has extensive experience as an instructor, having designed, written, and taught courses on technology and business, including computer science, programming, and internet marketing. With over 33,000 students in 162 countries, James has a proven track record of success in training and development.

In addition to his technical skills, James is an accomplished entrepreneur who built a successful business, producing innovative events and sales and marketing solutions. As an Approved ManyChat Agency Partner and a certified Evernote and Infusionsoft consultant, James is at the forefront of the latest marketing automation trends and techniques.

In conclusion, James Burchill is a well-rounded professional with a unique combination of technical expertise, writing and teaching skills, and business acumen. He is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals and make meaningful connections through technology and innovation.