James offers extensive experience in many aspects of business particularly in web related fields. He has excellent skills in writing, promoting and how to both expand your web presence and how to protect your online reputation. We have hired him to do everything from print advertising, email marketing, SEO writing, PPC campaigns and other related projects.” – Ken Bolt, Brant Florist

James Burchill

Helps you SAVE TIME & MAKE MONEY with marketing automation systems & writing advertising copy that converts.

For more than 30 years James has simplified complex words and technology so you GET MORE THINGS DONE IN LESS TIME!

James is a fan of productivity and writes about time-saving tactics and money-making marketing on his blog and other social media channels.

He enjoys teaching, online and in-class and this former University professor taught Programming & Computer Science, Marketing, Social Media & Public Relations.

In the past 3 years James taught more than 17,000 people in 154 countries and authored numerous business & marketing books with 3 achieving AMAZON BEST SELLER status.

James is a Certified Neurolinguistics Practitioner (NLP), an Evernote Certified Consultant and a Certified Marketing Automation coach. During the 90’s he trained as a stuntman for fun, and makes a wicked Vesper inspired martini.