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James Burchill
James Burchill
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In early 2020, James co-founded the CHATBOT FORGE INC. with Nick Usborne. Together they design and build conversational marketing solutions using the latest techniques in conversational design and chatbot development.

You can find out more at https://ChatbotForge.com

Backstory & Random Trivia

When James was younger, he trained as a stuntman, sold life insurance and studied Neurolinguistic Programming. James has been shot (accident,) stabbed (not an accident,) set on fire (planned,) fallen off a roof (stunt training,) a dock (not planned - almost broke leg,) crashed through a glass house (faulty steering on bike,) crashed into a wall - catapulting himself over (faulty brakes on bike!) been poisoned (mix up at drug store) and electrocuted in the shower (due to a mouse chewing through some faulty wiring!)
Oh, he's also fallen out a moving car (Mom driving - says it was an accident,) and survived a small gas explosion to the face (party gag gone wrong!) And lastly, he kept a cool head (and his younger sister safe) while babysitting and battling a chimney/house fire. The look on his parent's faces when they arrived home to see fire trucks and police outside their home was priceless. James' journey into technology began in the mid 70s and he sold his first software shortly after. James considers himself lucky. ¯\_()_/¯