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James Burchill
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Marketing Automation Expert & Bestselling Author

As a workflow automation and systems consultant, James simplifies complexity, streamlines systems and digitizes business processes. He's authored multiple bestselling books and courses, teaching more than 32,000 students in over 160 countries.

James was one of Keap Max Classic's (formerly Infusionsoft) first-four Certified Marketing Automation Coaches in Canada and has been using this powerhouse platform for over 10 years.

Today, James is also an Approved ManyChat Agency Partner and builds conversational chatbots helping SMBs generate leads and automate their omnichannel marketing.

Random Trivia

When he's not writing books, creating courses, consulting with clients, or producing his local TV show, he's cooking, riding his motorbike, enjoying a good movie or creating digitalart on his tablet.

He loves technology and automation and how it can make life easier. James loathes repeating himself, enjoys word-play and is a (lapsed) top tier member of Mensa's High-IQ society.

He's English ('nuff said,) but if you're lucky to call him your friend, he's as loyal (and as persistent) as a dog with a bone.
In early 2020, James co-founded the CHATBOT FORGE INC. with Nick Usborne. Together they design and build conversational marketing solutions using the latest techniques in conversational design and chatbot development.

You can find out more at https://ChatbotForge.com * Chatbot Forge Inc. is a division of JAMES' MEDIA GROUP.