How 'Giving First' Can Transform Your Approach

It's no secret that giving before asking creates a powerful dynamic.

Simply put, you get to prove you're not 'all talk and no results'.

It also removes the necessity to sell or convince anyone because it shows what you can do with no strings attached.

Of course, there's a risk to this approach.

You can deliver all that value and the person thanks you and walks away.

And that's okay.

Wait, what?

To borrow a golfing metaphor, "it's par for the course."

Simply put, you can't expect everyone to want what you're offering.

Just like you don't like every flavour of ice cream!

Understanding this and accepting it positions you even more powerfully.

It removes your 'neediness,' and nobody wants to be around needy people.

Of course, you must be selective about who you give your attention, time and energy to. But assuming you do that, how can you afford this business model?

By ensuring you can defer revenue.

In other words, you can afford to coast for however long is necessary.

That's always been my preferred approach.

I ensure there's another revenue stream covering my bases so I can afford to invest the time and energy into whatever new venture I'm working on.

That's how I launched my social fusion b2b networking model over ten years ago. I simply removed the barriers to entry: no membership fees, no exclusions, and no performance pressure—all the things that local businesses and entrepreneurs told me they wanted. Revenue came later, about 18 months later, if memory serves.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I'm about to follow my 'give-first' launch approach once again—this time, focusing on AI technology.

Why AI technology? It's what started me on the technology path all those years ago, and for decades, AI has been woven into much of what I do. And with the recent advent of faster and smarter AI engines like ChatGPT and Meta AI, it's become my daily companion.


I use AI when programming.
I use AI when writing.
I use AI when hiring staff.
I use AI when reviewing applications.
I use AI to summarize complex materials.
I use AI for marketing emails and ads.
I use AI to create images.
I use AI to learn and study.
I use AI to brainstorm new ideas.
I use AI for fun and so much more!

If you're interested in AI and want to use it more effectively, whether for personal or professional use, I'd be happy to help you. No strings—okay, maybe one.

You'll need to tell me your top two AI questions. That way I can ensure the upcoming series of free resources cover what's most important to you regarding AI.

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~ James

PS. AI is no longer an "optional technology" you can ignore. Its time has come. It must be strategically understood and tactically applied both personally and professionally if you wish to remain relevant. And don't worry, you don't need to know everything -- even a little extra knowledge will put you ahead!

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