Hello, I’m James

I’m an author, an instructor and an entrepreneur.

I also develop systems and write advertising copy that persuades.

I was a programmer for more than 25 years and use that skillset to help me intelligently automate many important business processes.

Bottom line, I like to simplify complex concepts and technologies so my clients can GET MORE THINGS DONE IN LESS TIME! #GTD

I’ve founded two local organizations: The Social Fusion Network, a group providing free monthly b2b events for local small business owners and entrepreneurs and The Bacchus Club, a wine and drink group that brings enthusiasts together to experience their favourite beverages.

I’m a fan of productivity and write about time-saving tactics and money-making marketing on my blog and other social media channels.

I enjoy teaching, both in-person and online, and was formerly a University professor where I taught Programming & Computer Science, Marketing, Social Media & Public Relations.

I’ve taught more than 16,000 people in 150 countries.

I’ve written and self-published numerous business and marketing books on Amazon with 3 achieving BEST SELLER status.

Other bits-n-pieces about me: I’m a certified Neurolinguistics Practitioner (NLP) and an Evernote Certified Consultant too. I trained as a stuntman ‘back in the day’, sold life insurance for a bit and I make a wicked Vesper inspired martini.

~ James : )