Hi, I’m James Burchill

I’m an author, a speaker, and an entrepreneur.

I also develop systems and write advertising copy that persuades.

I was a programmer for more than 25 years and use that skillset to help me intelligently automate many important business processes.

Bottom line, I like to simplify complex concepts and technologies so my clients can GET MORE THINGS DONE IN LESS TIME! #GTD

I’ve founded two local organizations: The Social Fusion Network, a group providing free monthly b2b events for local small business owners and entrepreneurs and The Bacchus Club, a wine and drink group that brings enthusiasts together to experience their favourite beverages.

I’m a fan of productivity and write about time-saving tactics and money-making marketing on my blog and other social media channels.

I enjoy teaching, both in-person and online, and was formerly a University professor where I taught Programming & Computer Science, Marketing, Social Media & Public Relations.

I’ve taught more than 15,000 people in 150 countries.

I’ve written and self-published numerous business and marketing books on Amazon with three achieving BEST SELLER status.

Other bits-n-pieces about me: I’m a certified Neurolinguistics Practitioner (NLP) and an Evernote Certified Consultant too. I trained as a stuntman ‘back in the day’, sold life insurance for a bit and I make a wicked Vesper inspired martini.

~ James : )


“James offers extensive experience in many aspects of business particularily in web related fields. He has excellent skills in writing, promoting and how to both expand your web presence and how to protect your online reputation. We have hired him to do everything from print advertising, email marketing, SEO writing, PPC campaigns and other related projects.” — Ken Bolt, Brant Florist