Entrepreneur • Author • Founder (SFN) • Marketing Automation Coach & Copywriter

JBdotcomfaceJames Burchill is a regularly interviewed Internet Marketing, Social Media and Marketing Automation professional who has been featured on IBM, Dell’s Small Biz and PC Magazine’s websites to name a few.

With more than 25 years experience helping companies connect and communicate, James’ clients regularly experience increased profitability and growth.

A classically trained multi-disciplinary writer, certified Neuro-Linguistic practitioner (CNLP) and direct response strategist, James’ innovative solutions are a fusion of elegance, simplicity, power and profitability ~ and using technology, work tirelessly for your business 24/7.

A Profitable Renaissance Resource

James is fluent in “geek-speak“, Business, Marketing and bridges the various worlds effortlessly providing a unique symbiosis in a single resource. Saving time and money on many projects, this accomplished management consultant represents true value to any company that retains his services.

Today, James balances his time between running his training and consulting firm BFM and creating coaching and training materials that help businesses and individuals discover how easy it is to integrate technology and words creating valuable automated follow up marketing.

It’s this unique approach to integrated online business development and web marketing (along with his personable training services) that’s made James the preferred choice for select companies of all sizes: from ’solo-preneurs’ to large corporations including IBM, Goodyear, eBay, Esso, CAA, Rolls Royce, BMO, DoFasco and more…

“C” Level Management Expertise

Prior to starting his own company, James was Vice President of IT & Consulting for an international management and recruiting firm in southern Ontario. There he lead numerous multi-million dollar development projects and managed a team of more than a dozen skilled web programmers and designers.

Internationally Traveled

Born in England and now a Canadian citizen too, James has lived in Europe, Africa and Australia and along with numerous credentials including public speaking, psychology, communications, automation and technology, James is a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner and learned the craft of penmanship at England’s prestigious London School of Writing. James is a former member of Mensa (the high IQ society) and has the little badge somewhere to prove it…


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