JCB Headshot 2James Burchill is a freelance consultant, bestselling author and popular instructor who’s trained over 12,000 13,000 people in 142 147 countries.

When he’s not writing books, authoring courses or consulting, he likes long walks on the beach, puppies, fruity drinks and romantic comedies.

Oh wait … no he doesn’t.

He enjoys single malt whiskeys, ice-cold european beer, action movies, steak dinners with friends and cheese cake.

He’s bordering on obsessive for his love of technology and how it can make our lives easier, loves word-play (he’s a cunning linguist) and is a recovering member of Mensa.

In a former life he trained as a stuntman, sold life insurance and studied Neurolinguistic Programming.

He’s odd (and English) … but if you’re lucky enough to call him your friend he’s as loyal (and as persistent) as a dog with a bone.

And yes … he really does love puppies.