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Most small business owners are overwhelmed with choice, have too much to do and not enough time to do it all! That was me too, until I figured out how to leverage technology automation and use these simple marketing strategies...
 James Burchill
Time and tide wait for no man ... or women!
And in business it's often the person who acts first that wins.
But you can't "Act First" if you're so darned busy just keeping things going to spot these opportunities as they arise.
That's where I was not too long ago, and why I decided figuring out ways to make business easier for myself, was my #1 priority.
Fortunately, I have more than thirty years working with technology so I immediately went back to basics and found ways to use the digital domain to save time.
I also dug deep into researching content development strategies for my marketing - arguably one of the most time intensive areas in any business!
The result?
Today I work less -- or so it seems -- and when I do, it feels more like play.
I have time for those opportunities I mentioned earlier, can donate my time to other causes that matter to me, and produce more than ever before.
And I don't work harder ... I work smarter ... I cheat, sort of *wink*
If you'd like to learn my "Content (Marketing) Made Easy" formula, read on. 
When I said "cheat" I don't mean anything illegal, unethical or under-handed, no I simply mean that too many people do things the 'hard way' when there's an easy way.
The Content Made Easy way :-)
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To your continued success!
James Burchill