James Burchill

The Side Hustle and Small Business Coach

Freelance Copywriter, Videographer and Technology Consultant

With a background in media, marketing, technology and business systems, James helps small businesses grow and encourages individuals to start their own side hustle.

To date, James has helped over 21,000 people in 162 countries.

James offers extensive experience in many aspects of business particularly in web related fields. He has excellent skills in writing, promoting and how to both expand your web presence and how to protect your online reputation. We have hired him to do everything from print advertising, email marketing, SEO writing, PPC campaigns and other related projects.” – Ken Bolt, Brant Florist

Today James divides his time between authoring books, writing courses, coaching and his own unique blend of side hustles: freelance writing services, videography, tech and marketing consulting to name a few.


This former university professor now enjoys encouraging others to start their side hustle and is available for talks and training seminars.

  • Start your own passive income side hustle with James’ COURSEPRENEUR program. (FREE TRAINING)

Be My Guest on CoffeeConfidential.TV 

James also produces a YouTube show (on his channel) called CoffeeConfidential.TV which airs Fridays at 9 am Eastern. In this popular show, James chats with local business owners, VIPs and other dignitaries while getting them a coffee. If you’d like to be James’ guest you can learn more and apply here: http://CoffeeConfidential.tv 

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“Best in our 100 Year History” Copywriter For Hire

If you need some help with your “word-smithing,” James is your guy. Along with 3 best-selling business books, James is also a trained AWAI direct response copywriter. Testimonials include being the “best in our 100-year history” and how he “doubled my sales.

‘Mind Games’ & Productivity Boosting Available

Finally, James is a Certified Neurolinguistics Practitioner (NLP), an Evernote Certified Consultant and a Certified Marketing Automation coach.

During the 90’s he trained as a stuntman for fun, makes a wicked Vesper inspired martini and his homemade “Burchill Burgers” are a legend among friends who regularly choose them over a filet mignon steak!

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