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Helping You Get More Done In Less Time Through Better Time-Management, Improved Productivity and the Intelligent Application of Marketing Automation

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Hello, I'm James - pleased to meet you.

If you're here then you must be looking for ways to save time, make more money and generally break free from the soul-sucking grind that is the 9-5 life.

Well, you're in the right place.

Since 2000 I've been a freelance entrepreneur, and while the way I've made my living has changed as I tried new things - one thing has remained constant ... my love for words and technology.

Today I spend my time writing books, creating courses and teaching others how they can lead what I like to call a 'self directed life.' Simply put, you are living on your own terms and doing something you love.

Life's too damn short to to do something you hate and while I'm not going to tell you it's easy (or that you should quit your job) in my opinion working for yourself is the best thing ever.

So if you're interested in discovering how you can begin your journey to freedom, I'd be honoured if you'd let me share what I've learned.

To be clear ... I'm NOT for everyone. My approach is direct, efficient and sometimes blunt. I'm not interested in sugar-coating things - there's not enough time - but if you are up for the ride, I'd be thrilled to be your co-pilot.

So here's what I suggest you do next ... KEEP IN TOUCH.

Do you see the little box at the top of the page? Enter your email there. It will add you to my mailing list. In exchange you will also get my personal email too ... and just because ... you'll also get instant access to some FREE MARKETING TRAINING I've created.

To be clear, I'll be communicating with you often. It's how I roll. I'm a curious cat with wide ranging interests and as I find things that improve my life/work I'll share them with you.

A great deal of my content is freely available (you'll find a lot of it here on my Gumroad profile) and you are encouraged to check out my Udemy courses too. Oh, and then there are my books on Amazon (including 3 bestsellers.)

So welcome, I look forward to getting to know you better and please don't be shy ... I don't bite (unless you ask nicely.) You can find me on social media as well ... just use my name "jamesburchill" on most profiles and you'll find me.

Last but not least ... remember, life's a trip and what you make it. Technology is cool but only a tool and what sets success apart from failure is a series of little things and one very important aspect: how you think.

So remember to #StayFrosty and Iet's keep in touch.

~ James :)