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Why You Should Ignore a Publishers Offer for FREE Advert Design

I visited with a client today and during the conversation it became apparent they were having issues with their advertising – print advertising to be precise. They showed me the original advert and told me it cost them a little more than $1,700 to place the ad. When I asked them who created the concept, …

Selling Hot Chocolate In Hell

“You’re such a charmer… You could sell hot chocolate in hell!” Sounds like a tough gig doesn’t it? Well it is. Selling is tough, it’s hard, and it gives you tummy ache… Oh, sorry, that’s those new oatmeal healthy alternative lifestyle bars…


“James is the only person I know who is sharp as a tack where marketing and technology are concerned, can sit and write for sixteen hours straight when he decides to, and also has a right brain a lot of poets or painters would kill for. A rather exotic cocktail of talents and skills, knowledge and service chops. (And he makes his clients money!)” — Tom St.Louis

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