What is a #SideHustle (Continued…)

side hustleTo me a side hustle is first and foremost a mindset. It’s about freedom and choice. The freedom that comes from having multiple streams of income and the choice to work on something you love doing – when you love doing it!

A side hustle is simply anything you do that makes you money over and above the money you make from your main gig whether that’s your job, or your main business (if you’re self employed.) A side hustle is an extra income stream.

The “one-life, one-career” is long gone. The future of meaningful work is the #sidehustle – the gig economy. When you weave a few together you create a sustainable and supportive model that makes you money and makes you happy too.

Because having 100% of your income in one stream is risky, side hustles are another way to diversify the risk. I believe everyone (employed or self-employed) should have at least one side hustle, preferably 3 or 4.

… And before you say “there’s not enough time in the day,” remember many side hustles can be setup to generate money without needing more of your time. Take eBooks and online courses as an example: Publish once, get paid ongoing royalties without spending more time. The Coursepreneur side hustle model is one of my favourites, but anything that makes you money and makes you happy works.

Finally, side hustles aren’t new … people have been working like this for centuries. It just got a little muddled when the industrial revolution came along. Now we’re finding our way back to our working roots – a diversified portfolio of money making activities that afford us the life we want in a way that respects our time, talents and who we want to be.

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