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InsideHalton.com published my Smartcar Coffee Confidential with Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring

In case you missed the memo I’ve been taking local business owners, vips and other dignitaries for coffee in my Smartcar … and filming it for distribution through my 25K+ social media followers and Youtube channel. * My Youtube channel

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David Vandenberg Smartcar Coffee Confidential

I recently had the opportunity to meet David Vandenberg. We grabbed a coffee and he told me a little more about himself, this is his Smartcar Coffee Confidential.

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Paul Copcutt Smartcar Coffee Confidential

What happens when 2 English guys hang out in a Smartcar and listen to Queen? Was he really trapped for 3 hours? Does Paul escape? What is a Smartcar Coffee Confidential anyway? What are James’ 3 questions? Watch this full

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