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How Twitter’s New Content Rules Will Impact Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a “necessary evil” in todays world. Silence on social media is deadly. But who has time for all the work required? It takes hours each month to ensure your key channels remain relevant and writing content

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Social Media Predates Jesus And I Can Prove It!

We often think social media is a new addition to civilization, but that’s not the case at all. In this short video I prove it. Watch to discover who I think were the first to use social media and why.

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My Big Audacious “How To Do Sales & Marketing Automation” Blog Post — Covering: Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Email Automation, Sales Funnels & Social Media Traffic Generation!

I freely admit it. That’s a terrible title but it does explain quite nicely what we’re covering in this “big audacious” blog post. And rather than write a series of smaller articles and then publish them periodically for weeks. I

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