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When I create an online course it's around a plan - a curriculum, but as I go through my days and chat with clients, students and the like, I'm asked other questions and often the easiest way to answer them is with a quick video. For that, I use LOOM and what follows is a list of all the "looms" (EXTRA/BONUS VIDEOS) I've made to date.

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James Burchill
James Burchill

James helps people gain time and financial freedom through a mix of software development, consulting and training.

He's authored multiple bestselling business and marketing books, created dozens of bestselling courses, has over 31,000 global students and is a certified marketing automation, productivity and technology consultant.

James Founded JMG and Co-Founded Chatbot Forge - an AI-enhanced software development and marketing agency.

For fun he enjoys cooking for his friends, and when the weather and time permits, enjoys riding his Honda NC750XA motorcycle.

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