ManyChat + Google Sheets

How To Integrate Them

ManyChat is an impressive chatbot building platform.

What makes it even more powerful is the array of 3rd party integrations.

In this companion skills course, I show you how to connect your ManyChat account to your Google account (and Google Sheets.)

Then I walk you through 3 examples of the current Google Sheets Actions:

  1. Insert Row
  2. Update Row
  3. Get Row By Value

Watch as I take you behind the scenes and show you step-by-step how to integrate Google Sheets into your ManyChat account.


  • This is a companion skills course.
  • If you have ManyChat and want to know how to integrate Google Sheets then this is perfect.
  • If you don't yet know how to use ManyChat, I recommend the CHATBOTIST ™ Program to begin, and this course is included in that bundle!

Your Instructor

James Burchill
James Burchill

Since 1986, James has been helping people achieve financial and time freedom through a mix of software development, consulting and training.

He's authored multiple bestselling business and marketing books, created dozens of bestselling courses (with over 31K global students) and is a certified marketing automation, productivity & technology consultant.

James Founded JMG and Co-Founded Chatbot Forge, an AI-enhanced software development and marketing agency. For fun he enjoys cooking for his friends, and when the weather and time permit, enjoys riding his motorcycle.

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