My 60 Second Email Rules

People are busy … and bombarded with email daily. If you want your email messages opened, read and replied to … QUICKLY then I suggest you begin following my 60 second rules for email.

Smartphone internet connection 261706Target 1 minute (or less) reading time.

That’s about 200 words – max.

Use a descriptive subject

Use short sentences.

Avoid commas (where possible)

Use simple/basic language.

Use MAX 3 bullets

When writing numbers use digits (1,2..etc)

Get to the point: quickly.

Follow this basic structure:

1. Opening greeting

2. Reason for emailing

3. Details

4. Call-to-action

5. Closing greeting

200 words (upper threshold for an email) is approximately 25 sentences

A Paragraph is typically 5 sentences … so your email should be MAX 5 paragraphs.

Do all this and your email stands a better chance of getting a reply.


Oh, and keep ONE EMAIL for ONE TOPIC …

Don’t write an email and ask about multiple things because people often use their inbox as their “todo” list and it helps if an email only has one “todo” in it!

Hope that helps.


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