How To Categorize Your Contacts For Success

Categorize Your ContactsToday’s tip is about a quick and cool way to categorize your contacts so you can meaningfully manage the relationship.

Remember not all contacts are created equal!

So here’s my technique …

Use a simple 3 group coding system: A … B … C

  • A – You meet them ‘face to face’ in realtime
  • B – You call or chat online in realtime
  • C – You email or use some other passive message system

The main difference between C and A/B is the “real time” aspect since time is your most valuable asset, you use it wisely.

The objective is to move C’s to B’s to A’s.

You can refine the grouping further if you wish simply by adding + or -.

For example:

CLIENTS would be A+ since you see them frequently and they also represent $$$ 🙂

Modifier bias

  • + = MORE OFTEN

So …

  • A+ would be meet more often.
  • A = meet
  • A- meet occasionally.

Make sense?

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One comment on “How To Categorize Your Contacts For Success
  1. jycmba says:

    Love this, James – the only thing I’d add would be that if someone spends even $1 (lately, I’ve actually used this technique stolen from Jon Westenberg,) they get rate by at least a factor of 2!

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