Special Offer

A “Done For You” Sales Funnel

Grow Your Business On Auto-Pilot With a Flawless Follow Up Funnel

“Ain’t nobody got time for manual follow up!” which is why you need a sales funnel — the elegant fusion of words and technology that captures an email (usually in exchange for some free report or other valuable digital gift) and then automatically nurtures that new relationship. A sales funnel is amazing because it frees you up to deliver your product or service and continues to grow your business from behind the scenes. A silent salesperson as it were.

But setting up a sales funnel requires quite a bit of time and technical know-how. It’s not that you couldn’t do it, you’re a smart cookie (hey, you’re reading this page and that says a lot about you!) But why would you want to take time away from your core business to learn new stuff and struggle through the trials and tribulations of new tech? It’s easier to have some one do it for you – like me.

Now, before you reach out and ask me to build your DFY sales funnel … let me outline why you may not be the right match for this special offer.

This Offer Is Not For You If …

You don’t have a website where we can put your LANDING PAGE

I know, it’s 2017 (almost 2018) and people still don’t have a website? Shocking eh … but true. You NEED a website and you need (a) either a wordpress site or some site I can edit easily or (b) you need your webmaster on call so I can give them the code to add a LANDING PAGE to your site.

This will be the area where I put the OPT-IN offering your free report or other digital gift (lead magnet.)

You don’t have something we can give away – your LEAD MAGNET

Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you give away the farm. I’m suggesting we take your most popular blog post or answer to the problem that you solve and convert that into a short digital product we give away. A report or other digital gift – could be a PDF, a video you’ve produced already, heck … even an audio recording. We can brainstorm this too. But if you’ve “got nothing” then this might be a challenge.

You either don’t have an AUTO-RESPONDER or you won’t let me set you up a FREE one

When a lead enters their email to download your lead magnet we need some software to deliver the gift and add them to your list. Then we need that same software to start sending a series of prewritten emails to that person on a predefined schedule. If you don’t have a system like Aweber, Infusionsoft or some other software I will set you up a FREE Mailchimp account and create the necessary workflow programming required to deliver your emails on auto-pilot. Like I said, if you have an existing email autoresponder you’re good to go and I’ll work with that.

You don’t have $499 left in your 2017 marketing budget

I know you’ve probably spent most if not all your annual marketing budget, but I’d encourage you to reconsider investing in this special offer because it’s deliberately affordable. Plus you only have to pay $499 to start, the remainder on delivery … in early 2018 if you time it right!

Your DFY Sales Funnel includes:

  • A landing page where people can opt-in to get your lead magnetI will create your landing page and load it to your website.
  • A lead magnet that your leads will downloadI will publish your lead magnet as part of the follow up sequence.
  • A series of 5 follow up emailsI will write 5 custom emails to deliver your lead magnet and then nurture the new relationship.
  • Autoresponder IntegrationI will setup/configure your autoresponder and upload your 5 emails and set the delivery schedule so your system will run on auto-pilot.

Why So Affordable?

Good question. Regularly I charge a min fee of $300 per email (so that’s $1500.) Then the fee for converting the lead magnet is $250, the fee for the autoresponder setup is $500 and the fee for the landing page setup is another $500.

Altogether: $1500 + $250 +$500 + $500 == $2,750 +tax

I’m asking for only 2 payments of $499.  

The first payment to start now (in 2017,) the other on delivery (or Jan 1, 2018 – up to you.) Together $998 represents a saving of more than 63%.

To answer “why so affordable?” I’d simply say that it’s that time of year again when I like to give back. It’s also because I am good at building sales funnels so I’m confident I can still make a small profit even at this price, and lastly … I want more businesses rolling into 2018 with what I consider to be the most powerful technology in the marketing toolkit!

Flawless follow up is a proven business builder, no doubt about it – and I want you to have a “Done For You Sales Funnel” to start the new year off right.

In Summary

For only 2 payments of $499, you get a LANDING PAGE that offers your LEAD MAGNET in exchange for an email that adds the lead to your AUTORESPONDER EMAIL SERIES and follows up flawlessly while you go about your business.

The ONLY thing you will need to do is promote your lead magnet by sharing the web address of your landing page! That’s easy with social media and other low cost or no cost promotional techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work for my business? — If you deal with people then YES, the idea of a sales funnel is to capture the interest of a lead and then nurture that relationship using email follow-up.
  • I have another type of website, can you still help me? — Get in touch and remember to include your website URL so I can take a look. I’ll let you know.
  • I use another type of autoresponder not listed, can you work with that? — Maybe. I’ve been working in software development for more than 30 years so I reckon I can figure it out {wink}. But to be safe, get in touch and let’s chat. I’ll be honest with you if I can’t.
  • Will I be able to approve the 5 emails you write for my DFY Sales Funnel? — Absolutely! I will spend time speaking with you about your business to get a sense of how customers buy from you and what your tone and style is about. I then write the 5 emails and send them to you for review. If there’s anything you’re not comfy with, I’ll change it. I will defend any special marketing or copywriting tricks and techniques I embed and will explain my reasoning for them as needed.
  • How long does it take to get my DFY sales funnel ready and launched? — It depends a little on you because there’s your website update and your input into the lead magnet. But assuming things all move along smoothly, 3-4 weeks is a safe estimate – could be a bit quicker if you’re using a WordPress site and have an autoresponder I can work with.
  • What kind of payment options do you accept? — I accept most major credit cards, PayPal and eTransfer from your bank. Checks are accepted however the project starts when the funds clear so if you’re in a hurry, I suggest an electronic payment method or credit card is best.
  • What kind of results can I expect from my DFY sales funnel? — Hard to say precisely, everyone’s business is unique and while I can say that you will get more leads and more sales as a result of using a sales funnel, how many and how much is unknown. If you are like most businesses I suspect it will only take 1 new client to make your investment in this special offer a win-win scenario for you.

What Next?

Get in touch. I’m only accepting a limited number of clients at this special price so don’t delay.