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5 Effective Tips for Avoiding the SP*M Can

Email marketing is an incredibly popular marketing strategy–and for good reason. It works! Unfortunately, tougher SP*M filters mean more and more valid messages are winding up in SP*M folders. Would you like to guarantee YOUR email campaigns are delivered to

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ATTN: Small Businesses – Here’s What $799 Will Get You in Marketing Services (in 2018)

Small Businesses are always telling me what they want. They want more leads. They want more sales. They want more business. They also tell me they can’t afford to spend much on marketing, have very little time and are juggling

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Social Media Predates Jesus And I Can Prove It!

We often think social media is a new addition to civilization, but that’s not the case at all. In this short video I prove it. Watch to discover who I think were the first to use social media and why.

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