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Jason Norris Smartcar Coffee Confidential

I recently had the opportunity to meet and interview Jason Norris of SNAP Media. We grabbed a coffee and he told me a little more about himself and his business, this is his Smartcar Coffee Confidential. *** Watch to the

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Paul Copcutt Smartcar Coffee Confidential

What happens when 2 English guys hang out in a Smartcar and listen to Queen? Was he really trapped for 3 hours? Does Paul escape? What is a Smartcar Coffee Confidential anyway? What are James’ 3 questions? Watch this full

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“UFO’s Not Responsible For Recent Outbreak of Dead Batteries” Claims Anonymous CAA Official

It was early December 2004 and I’d been meeting with my client, the CAA. We’d been discussing their last double page magazine spread advert and why it bombed so horrendously. Being on good terms with the management, I was giving

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