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[Step By Step Instructions] How To Create Your Own Local Lead Generating "ATM"​ System

Every week, within a 10-mile radius of your business, there are many thousands of people about to have a birthday, and with this clever little advertising and marketing hack, you can get a steady stream of those people attending and supporting your business.

Here's how (I did promise you 'step-by-step' instructions.):

1) You create a simple Facebook advert that offers (people within a 10-mile radius of your business, and who are having a birthday in the next 7 days,) a FREE BIRTHDAY GIFT.

2) What that free gift is a function of your business. If you're a florist it could be some free flowers, if you're a bakery, maybe you offer a free cupcake complete with a candle. If you're a garage, you could offer a free bottle of windshield washer fluid. You get the idea. Something free.

3) Your advert tells the lucky birthday person they simply need to click to redeem their free present. At which point, the Facebook ad connects them to your messenger chatbot.

4) Your messenger chatbot (which typically cost about $10/mo for the service - BTW, I recommend ManyChat,) comes to life and "chats" with the birthday girl or boy and asks whether they'd like the coupon/voucher (whatever sounds cool to you,) emailed or sent by text. Your chatbot captures that information (BINGO!) and sends details on how they get their gift.

5) If you want to be super cool, you can add various other conversations to that same chatbot and follow up with the birthday boy or girl AFTER their birthday ... You could tell them about other cool things you do, heck, you could even make other offers!

And the best part?

This whole automated lead generating system only costs a few bucks per day for the Facebook advert and ManyChat bot service. Remember, you're hyper-targeting the people nearby who are having a birthday in the next week, so the numbers are manageable and really, really responsive.
Basically, this is about as close to GUARANTEED LOCAL LEAD GENERATION as you can get! 

=== A few tips === 

Don't overcomplicate this. Use a simple advert, FREE GIFT. Colourful picture (Happy Birthday works well.) Your call to action: Click to claim (or words to that effect.) Your messenger chatbot gets their email and/or SMS# and delivers details on how they get their gift. DONE, you now have a new lead who will also visit your business soon.

Offer something free ... NOT A DISCOUNT. A discount is not a give, it's a TAKE masquerading as a give, and it annoys people.

Keep your focus local, don't spread the net too wide. People are creatures of habit and won't travel too far from home. 


While I believe you're entirely capable of setting up this system yourself, you may not have the time or the inclination. That's why I'm offering to do this for you for a small fee. I'll set up and create your Facebook advert, I'll set up your ManyChat bot and code in your birthday giveaway. Totally turn-key.

Click here to contact me (There's no-obligation and no-pressure either way.)