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Partner with the Coursepreneur™

Does the idea of creating your own online course freak you out a little? But at the same time, creating your own course excites you too? What do you do?

You can follow the tried and true path of "do-it-yourself," that works. My own program is an excellent resource. But what about skipping a few stages and all those questions and simply partnering with me to get your course produced and published?

I'm open to considering helping you no matter what stage of development you're in, whether it's the initial concept or late-stage production. To be clear, there are no strings and no promises at this stage.

I'm just looking to have an informal conversation to explore possibly producing and publishing your course. What that might actually look like is a function of many factors including project workload, roles, ownership, who invests what and so forth.

If you have a course in mind and having me help produce and publish it sounds like something you want to explore - get in touch. The more information you can share the quicker we can get to a "Go/NoGo" decision.

You can reach me at http://JamesBurchill.com/contact

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