How To Pause Your Chatbot Automation


ManyChat support (when I asked them) told me the only way was to press the PAUSE AUTOMATION button when using the LIVE CHAT feature. This was not really what I wanted and only offered a temporary solution (in increments of 30 minutes.)

No, what I wanted was a way to TURN OFF THE BOT AUTOMATION ENTIRELY UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES - like when the user is engaged in a LIVE CHAT session for instance!

Well, here's my solution using a tag we call RUNBOT.

First, when the chatbot is activated and the conversation starts, add a tag called RUNBOT.

Then, before any and all automation runs (rules, sequences, flows, keywords, default reply etc,) simply check IF RUNBOT THEN ...

When you want to turn off the bot automation, simply remove the tag.

Then when ANY part of the automation runs, it checks and as before, now the RUNBOT tag is missing so it does nothing.

The nice thing about this simple 'kill switch' approach is that you can add back the RUNBOT TAG and your bot automation will start back up.

You can get extremely creative with bot automation logic using simple tags and you can also “KISS” it by manually removing the RUNBOT tag when you go into LIVE CHAT and adding it back later if you wish. Sometimes the simplest approach works too!

Hope this helps you get the most out of your Manychat bot.

BONUS TIP — If you create a FLOW called STARTBOT (that adds the tag RUNBOT to the client) you can even restart the bot from LIVE CHAT - you may recall that you can run flows from inside the chat interface.