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​How To Pause Your ManyChat Bot Automation ... Until You're Ready (Like When You're In a LIVE CHAT!)

[NEW] FREE TRAINING EXPLAINS HOW TO PauseYourBot.com ManyChat support (when I asked them) told me the only way was to press the PAUSE AUTOMATION button when using the LIVE CHAT feature. This was not really what I wanted and only offered a temporary solution (in increments of 30 minutes.) No,...


The Great Chatbot Lie!

It seems no matter where you look these days, someone is talking about chatbots. And if you listen for more than a moment, you'll hear the great chatbot lie - and you might not even notice it. What is this "great" lie, you ask? It's simply this: "There are two types of chatbots - rules-based...


"Digitize or Die!"​

That's the new COVID19 battle cry for business. And (respectfully) it's bullshit ... and it's a cruel tease. For many businesses it's the promise of a possibility - but not for all. Fudging a live event into an online edition is NOT digitizing your business model - that's a band-aid. Using...