7 Reasons Why eCards Suck!

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As a fan of both the classical and the modern, I interchange between both. However I believe there are certain times when each has its place – and I have to say that today I decided eCards suck at Christmas!

Here’s 7 reasons why:

  1. They’re lazy. [They say… “I was in a hurry, and forgot to get you a real card.”]
  2. They’re cheap. [They say… “You’re not worth a couple of dollars for a card and a stamp.”]
  3. They get blocked by email spam filters. [Oh joy!]
  4. They’re impersonal. [Nothing says “You’re special” like a typewritten eCard. It just warms the heart doesn’t it?]
  5. They require the reader to work for your “special gift.” ‘Dear Bob, Simply visit our online eCard store to download your eCard [number 898323232423] using pass code TRX46546’.” Golly, just thinking about logging onto yet another online retail store to be bombarded by promotional messages while trying to find my “special gift” just makes feel so festive!
  6. They’re temporary. And who wants to print out their eCard on the office laser printer anyway? Whoever said that ‘Toner Black’ is the new green & red was seriously disturbed! [My ‘better half’ likes to put our Christmas cards on display to show friends how popular we are 😉 Just try that with an eCard!]
  7. And lastly… Email is ‘quick’ and ‘convenient’ – Christmas cards shouldn’t be…Take a moment a show someone you really care.

And if you’ve missed the mail, just pickup the phone and call them instead. At this time of year you should connect… AND DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE VOICEMAIL!

Happy Christmas… and YES… I did send real cards this year.


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