Why I replaced my iPhone 5 with the Galaxy Note 3 + Gear

Galaxy Note 3 + Gear

I met my first Apple computer while studying to be an artist and graphic designer at college, it was love at first sight. I never became the artist (although I was offered a job as soon as I left college) but that same week I was also offered a job as a programmer for 2x the money … the rest is history.

Over the mainframe and PC years I would aspire to an Apple and about 4 years ago I made the leap. I ditched my PC’s and made the move to apple. A year or so later the iPhone made its debut in Canada (after I’d watched once again from the sidelines as the world got theirs first!) and I bought it — replacing my trusty Blackberry (of which I’d had many.)

To be fair, my first foray into Apple happened a few years prior with the Apple Newton – do you remember that cool gadget? I do … fondly, sure it was heavy and bulky but it had a stylus and it read handwriting. Hey, I’m a fan of pens … I write every day and you can’t beat sitting with a pen and paper for the freedom it offers.

But I digress …

Since the launch of the iPhone I’ve bought them all. The 3G, the 3GS, the 4, 4S and last year the 5. I loved every minute of how seamlessly my iPhone would sync with my desktop sharing calendars, contacts, notes and email. But there was an issue that bugged me … I missed my pen input and I like reading.

Then Apple launched the iPhone 5S … For the first time ever since I joined the ranks for Apple … I didn’t buy it. In fact I saw the signs when I didn’t buy the 2nd gen iPad either. I waited and eventually picked up an iPad mini (not the retina display – too heavy.)

I was beginning to notice a pattern. I didn’t want the small phone screen nor did I want the large tablet … I wanted something in the middle. Portable enough to carry and big enough for me to read! Retina displays might have 2x the pixels and amazing colour and resolution, but when the screen is the size of a playing card it’s not much of a bonus to my 40-something old eyes.

Now I didn’t make the change lightly to my Samsung Note 3 (+ Gear) … nope, I read and studied and researched for weeks. Frankly the two best rated phones today are the iPhone 52 and the Samsung Note 3. So why did I choose to drop the iPhone in favour of the Note 3?

Easy … For 3 reasons:

  1. I like bigger screens. At 5.7″ diagonally it’s a gorgeous panel of crisp bright colours. It’s blazingly fast too!
  2. It’s bigger. A pet peeve of the iPhone 5 for me was simply that I needed to put it in a case so that I could pick it up easily. It’s so slick and slender that I was nearly always forced to slide it across the table (scratching?) to the edge so I could get my fingers under it. I was always nervous about dropping it because it of this. Earlier this year I did … and I cracked the screen :( 
  3. It has a PEN … woohoo! And it’s built into the body. Damn I love pens and so with this simple addition I can write on the screen (with excellent handwriting recognition I might add) instead of typing on the touch screen. Me Likey!

And as an added bonus, the phone has a companion “smart watch” called the Gear. The critics haven’t been too kind to the Gear and at $329 for a “watch” that needs charging you might think me dopey for getting it. But in the brief time I’ve used it I realize that it’s NOT A WATCH … .it’s a companion device. You turn it on and use it when you are out and about or driving.

Handsfree is a breeze, you can talk and even use voice commands to text from your wrist. It’s so 21st century. Sure I’m going to get some funny looks talking to my wrist but hey, I even went for the tangerine colouring because I like orange! 

So as I bring this post to a close, my iPhone 5 lies quietly dark in my desk drawer while my Samsung Note 3 is chirping colourfully and happily managing my daily communications. For all those Apple fans out there I have to say, Google’s Android infrastructure is really very cool. Sure there are some differences but holy heck I can see why these two titans exist.

And in case you’re wondering if I’m ditching Apple entirely … heck no! I prefer working on my iMac rather than my PC and what I’m realizing is that there’s a place for all platforms in my world. 

What about yours?

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