What’s so special about the October 3 BiB Meetup?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our plans for the October 3rd BiB Meetup – you know the one with a capacity of 300 attendees! Well, today I am letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, spilling the beans, raising the curtain and telling you what we’ve been planning for a while now.

On Wednesday October 3rd from 5pm until 7pm we have reserved the ENTIRE Beaver & Bulldog restaurant for our networking event. That’s first. Secondly … we’re kicking things up a notch and adding the opportunity for you to present your business and display your “wares” with a presentation table.

Yes, we’re going to celebrate Business in Burlington the week before Thanksgiving by having our biggest event yet and including a trade show! And it gets better … no seriously, it does.

You see, other networking associations charge for membership (we don’t) and then charge you again to reserve yourself a table. You got it … we’re not going to do that either. Yup, in keeping with our philosophy of making open networking free to attend, we’re giving away all 20 presentation tables at our October 3 BiB Meetup.

And just so I can continue to sound like a cheesy late night infomercial …


Yes, we’re going to begin drawing winners starting May 2 and the best part is this … if you win a spot we will begin promoting your business in our ongoing communications right up until the event! That means we could be mentioning your business for the next 5 months! You got that this was free, right? Zip, zero, zilch, $0.

So … “What’s the catch Burchill?” I hear you say … no catch.

Remember our philosophy states we won’t ask people to speak publicly or be put on the spot if they prefer not to. So instead of choosing members randomly we’re making this easy:

To win a FREE Presentation table at the October 3rd BiB Networking Meetup

* You need to be a member of BiB and if you’ve not received the link already, drop me an email.

By the way, your entry remains valid and included in EVERY DRAW EVERY MONTH until our September meetup – unless you win a spot, and then we remove your name.

Basically, if you would like to be “in the draw” enter your details and we will begin the process. As we get closer to the October 3 event I’ll share more information about your presentation table and how we’re handling the event and what you need to know.

It’s going to be great fun … and great exposure for table winners too.

All the best,


PS. For those folks following my Tampa field trip, I’ll be updating my blog soon with the “Florida Report”

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