What would you do if you had the power to control the minds of others?

Laptop display keyboard 211151OK, I’ll say it. I’d have soooo much fun with it. No, I would…

You’ve seen movies where the key character gets a similar power and while the stories tend to be cautionary tales where they ultimately “learn the errors of their ways” … I’d be inclined to argue this is just what society (& Hollywood) wants us to say.Deep … deep down in side us, we all covet that power on some level. Those among us who eschew the idea as “bad” will tell themselves that they’d do good deeds. Save the world. Stop war. Bring peace. But that’s no better than someone getting people to give them money, have sex, kill themselves or any other number of hedonistic acts.

At the end of the day, choice is a human condition. To remove choice from another means you rob them of that essential quality.

But … history shows us that men and women have attempted to control the fate and destiny of others. It’s seductive. It’s attractive. It’s the ultimate power for some.

Just look at Kings, Queens, Warlords, heads of state, politicians and ask yourself … do they not covet dominion over others on some small level?

Yeah … thought so šŸ˜‰

PS. I’m in the business of marketing and persuasion so I spend my days ultimately trying to get people to do stuff they didn’t wake up thinking about. This power would totally rock! And I’d eventually go mad as I lost touch with reality. But what a ride ….

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