What Is Evernote?

The logo for Evernote is an elephant … Because an elephant never forgets. Neither does Evernote.

Evernote is a singular solution that lets you access its power on all the technology platforms you might use: computer (PC or MAC), smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet (iPad or Android) and Evernote is also available on certain items of “wearable tech” like smart watches!

Basically, Evernote is your central tool for capturing notes, ideas and with the additional scanner technology and browser plugins – you can capture so much more (even your voice!)

Once something is stored inside Evernote you can organize it, search it (with powerful filters), share it and even present it on the go.

The Elements of Evernote

The Note

At the heart of Evernote is the concept of a note. Unlike its paper counterpart a note is so much more … Think of it like a container. Sure you can put words into the note, but you can also add other files, pictures, audio and even links to other files, websites and so on.

The Tag

Notes can be tagged with words or phrases to add additional context or meaning to the note. For instance, you might create a note about how to best fill in that insurance form. You might decide to TAG it “Training” so that later when you’re looking for training notes you can find it.

Or perhaps you tag it with “Personal” or “Home” so you can find it that way. You can assign (for all practical purposes) as many tags as you like to a note.

Remember TAGS give NOTES context and meaning, with multiple tags you can assign a note multiple meanings! *HINT* This is VERY powerful.

The Notebook

Similar to their physical counterpart, the Evernote notebook is a cluster of notes. Of course an Evernote notebook can be much much larger than a paper based book. A note can only be in one notebook at a time.

It’s common to see Evernote users create notebooks like they do in the real world – on a per project or topic basis. So this means you might put a note into the WORK notebook … Which means it cannot exist in the HOME notebook too.

* You will later learn, designing your workflow and document management using notebooks is NOT the optimal configuration. USE HIERARCHICAL TAGS

The Stack

Sometimes notebooks belong together. The stack is a convenient way to organize them further. You might have a series of work related notebooks and you might have clustered them together in a stack called Work Projects.

Summary of the objects and their relationships.

Evernote is made up of notes (words, pictures, files, audio, links, etc.) which can have one or more tags (assigning context and meaning), that note can be assigned to one and only one notebook, which may or may not be part of one and only one stack.

* a NOTE can have TAGS * and is stored in one NOTEBOOK * which may be grouped into a STACK.

The true power of Evernote comes from the following realization:

YOU MUST USE IT DAILY – it must become your goto note taking. capturing, brainstorming … ‘everything in one place’ tool. Otherwise it’s power is simply diminished.

YOU NEED TO CONFIGURE IT PROPERLY … most people screw this up in a spectacular fashion by modelling Evernote on their current ways of doing things. This works briefly, but if they’re true to #1 (and use Evernote daily) they quickly rediscover the inadequacies of their current approach. Technology and software simply amplify: good becomes great and bad becomes terrible. The way to gain the most from Evernote is to use it daily and employ a way of working that leverages the power the digital paradigm offers.

* Preview my bestselling course: Over 3000 students enrolled rated it 4.5/5

You can literally save hours of wasted time and become more organized and efficient when you know how to optimize Evernote. You can manage your to-do lists, projects (personal and professional), documents, photos, receipts and more … if you know how to set Evernote up properly.

That’s what I figured out after spending many months experimenting. As a former software developer, project manager and fan of time management I looked high and low for simple systems and ways of working I could easily adopt and add to the powerful Evernote platform. I “enjoyed” plenty of trial and error experiences and many times came pretty close to returning to a paper based system …

I’m so glad I didn’t because once I’d figured out the formula and how to configure Evernote everything changed. Today I am still using the same model and now share it with others who believe there is a better way to stay organized and efficient. That’s why I created the online course Evernote Exposed.

Here’s what Clyde Stroman said about my Evernote Exposed training:

“I was blind, but now I see…how Evernote is SUPPOSE to be used! I’ve been an avid Evernote user for quite some time. Thanks to this course, I have completely changed the way I use Evernote, thus making my life much more productive.”

And Robert U Smith tells me this training changed his life!

“This course is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been using Evernote for years and knew that there was a better way. I always thought I would find the time and organize and standardized my use of Evernote. James has done the work for me and shared it in a very logically organized easy to implement fashion in this course. If you use Evernote and you don’t feel like you have your process or understanding optimized you may want to give this course a try. It’s a life changer for me.”

You can preview EVERNOTE EXPOSED for 30 days at no-risk to you. If you decide my training didn’t help you or make a difference you’ll get a prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

Preview Evernote Exposed today.

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James Burchill is an Evernote Certified Consultant helping you streamline inefficient business and marketing processes using a mix of technology and NLP communication strategies.

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