What Does Call Recording do to Improve Marketing Strategy?

Call recording

by Steven Wright (Guest Blogger)

Call recording is one of the most common tools used by many marketers and entrepreneurs mainly to listen, monitor and record phone calls or conversations between sales reps and customers. It also has a capability to let marketers listen to live calls without even recording them.

Call recording isn’t only there for record, documentation purposes, or something to get back when someone needs information. Of course, the call recording may contain useful details about the caller, the origin of the call and its caller ID. But many businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers use call recording for a special purpose – and, that is to improve marketing strategy.

As we can notice, many businesses are experiencing a sluggish economy. Aside from the pure effects of the global recession, they also experience a crisis within their company. They spend more in many advertisements, research on their accurate market and make action plans for their new marketing campaigns.  But, the blindspot is still there. What they do not know is how their real audience feel about the products or services they are offering. So, they remain stuck in there, without solving a thing. This is where call recording becomes critical.

Call recording helps improve marketing strategy through;

  • capturing consumer intelligence and correct market
  • gathering crucial data for market analysis
  • determining the effectiveness of the sales rep, and
  • validating the actual sales

It Captures Consumer Intelligence and Correct Market

Apart from listening to the consumer’s concern or feedback about the product, the call recording utility simply allows the marketer to device effective action to facilitate or correct the wrongs about their campaigns, services or products. This real feedback is very crucial to capture the feelings and perspective of the real market. The process allows improvements and adjustments in the campaigns or correct the shortcomings of the seller-customer relations, so as to increase consumer’s positive response and sales rate.

It Gathers Crucial Data for Market Analysis

Another important element in call recording is that it gathers crucial information that could replace the most expensive market research. This research tool is even more reliable compared to the respondents or focus groups that are picked randomly. Why? Because they are quantitative and verifiable. So if I am going to ask, what is the most reliable source of market feedback? Is it the feedback from the focus groups that are picked randomly? Or the feedback from the actual customers conversing with the sales reps?

It Determines the Effectiveness of the Sales Reps

Call recording is used to listen again to the past conversations of the sales reps with their callers. If you are the marketer or business owner, you could spot some flaws or errors as to why the call ended this way. It could be the best lead but the sales rep fails to enforce the highlights of his campaign, hence, he loses the opportunity of a sale.

At this juncture, marketers use call recording as an avenue to improve and correct the flaws of their sales reps. This will help them assess the marketing scripts and identify the best highlights of what they can offer. This way, they can improve the leads and sales rates without wasting a penny on a separate market research.

It Validates the Actual Sales

And lastly, call recording helps improve marketing strategy through validating the actual sales in the event of data errors or discrepancies between the call centres and the company. It helps marketers gauge the quality of the prospects or leads they generate. It also helps them determine whether the calls they receive are from the buying prospects or from the callers who just gather information. This will also validate the sales rates whether they get the actual sales through the direct response representative or not.

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Steven Wright is a Marketing Expert at Dial800. His task is to reach out prospective clients through online marketing, and promotes their company’s online social presence. He is passionate about virtual phone business, call tracking; and the wonders of online marketing. You can connect with Steven via Twitter at @Dial800.

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