“UFO’s Not Responsible For Recent Outbreak of Dead Batteries” Claims Anonymous CAA Official

It was early December 2004 and I’d been meeting with my client, the CAA. We’d been discussing their last double page magazine spread advert and why it bombed so horrendously.

Being on good terms with the management, I was giving them a hard time and jokingly said I could do better.

They pounced, ‘Oh yeah? Just weeks before Christmas?’I took the challenge and the crushing timelines and restrictions … the advert had to apply to 577 CAA facilities in Ontario and I had no time to check in with them!

Not wanting to eat crow, I sucked it up and got to work. I love a challenge!

The resulting advert was a success and in early 2005 the CAA sent me one of my proudest testimonials stating my advert was now the …

“Most successful advert in the CAA’s 100 year history!”

High praise indeed. Still makes me smile.

Here’s the newspaper advert. Black and white, no colour.

Goofy graphics and playful copy. Crushed it!

UFO Battery Assist copy

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