Tossable Tech Turns Talking Into Playing

Box productIf you’re a speaker, trainer or workshop facilitator you know how hard it can be to get the audience engaged at times.

It’s even trickier if you want direct audience participation and the traditional approach of passing a standard mic into the audience is slow and awkward.Imagine how much fun it would be to throw it! Well now you can … safely of course! With the brightly coloured, soft square CATCH BOX.

Seriously, this thing looks playful and instantly turns your Q&A into an impromptu game of catch while turning the seriousness down and the fun way up!

This tossable-tech comes in a few varieties and colours. You can apparently get it branded for your company too. And no, I’m not an affiliate but I do appreciate the challenges presenters often face and thought you’d find this little piece of tech quite useful.

Here’s the link to this cool cube:


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