This Simple Sales Letter Made $14.59 Per Piece Mailed!

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If you could mail out just 685 letters and gross $10,000 would you do it? That’s a dumb question right? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? The return on your investment is almost 1,400%

And if like many of my clients, you mailed out about 1,000 letters – you’d be looking at a potential of $14,590…


That’s right. My clients have mailed this letter on a Friday and started raking in the cash the following Monday! It works THAT QUICK. And the letter continues pulling for weeks.

It’s fair to say that it slows towards the fourth week but that’s ok. You’ll likely want a rest anyway. 

But the best part is …

You Can Preview This Winning Letter Today!

If you’d like to see the actual letter I wrote and license to various clients, you can. It’s available for preview in the Samples section of my website.

Just look for the “Wiarton Willy” sales letter and click the link to preview the PDF in your browser. 

Are you up for a challenge?

Why not comment below and tell me why you think this letter absolutely crushes it when mailed out. What aspects of the psychology, structure and other copywriting elements have I employed to make this such a powerful, and successful sales letter?

~ James

PS. *HINT* This letter is available for licensed use. Contact me for details.

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