My $60K Side Hustle (Passive Income)

Black and white art creative 251287It’s true, this side hustle made me over $60,000 (so far!)

To be transparent about this, that number is the total generated in the past 3 years (it continues to grow each month.)

And the side hustle?

Online courses on Udemy.

Continuing the transparency: I have courses on other platforms and that income is NOT included in the number above!

Also, the bulk of those online Udemy courses were created 3 years ago and I’ve done little with them since. I get asked the occasional question but it’s been basically zero work after they were published.

This one side hustle averages about $1,500 every month in PASSIVE INCOME.

And yes, I have OTHER side hustles too (freelance writing, coaching, speaking, live training …) That’s the point. To do what you love and make money at it.

In my ‘perfect world’ I make side hustle money automatically while I’m doing other things. No time trading required!

Read on to see why I think you should pay attention to the SIDE HUSTLE movement and why I believe you should have one or more of your own.

DEFINITION: Secondary or side gig separate from your “main job” making you money on the side.

The SIDE HUSTLE is not a “millennial only” trend. It’s not a fad either.

This is a pivotal point in history.

Current economic conditions and shifting workplace rules are making the SIDE HUSTLE not only popular but necessary for everyone from millennials through to people supposedly long since retired!

I believe EVERYONE should have a side hustle.

Even the Queen of England has a side hustle. Breeding horses. Aligns with her passions. Fits in with her other “job” and makes her money. Lots of it.

Passion projects often form the basis of side hustles. It’s not necessary but it’s helpful when you need the motivation to keep going.


  • 50% of U.S. millennials have a side hustle
  • 25% of baby boomers have a side hustle.

That could mean anything from working a second job, selling things online, renting out a room or running a whole business on the side.

More than half of all surveyed said they wished to make their side hustle a full-time gig!

That said, most had a strong monetary motive for pursuing their hustle, with 61% of boomers saying their main motivation was the money.

There are 2 main groups of side hustle: Time trade gigs & passive income gigs

I favour the later because who wants to work harder and have less free time?

The explosive growth of side hustles has a lot to do with technology. The next work force evolution is informational and educational. And since I come from a PUBLISHING background I love ROYALTIES. Software royalties. Book royalties. Infoproduct royalties like courses …

As I mentioned earlier, my online Udemy courses side hustle makes me about $1500 a month (sometimes more, sometimes less.) And this is just one autonomous side hustle. [hint hint]

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