The Highlander Effect & Mercury Free Cookies

Queen belts out “Who wants to live forever?” in the movie Highlander and Connor MacLeod (I think that was his name…) demonstrates repeatedly that immortality is not only a cool way to win over the ladies (???) but it’s highly profitable too.

In one scene, MacLeod’s paramour is exploring his home and marvels at the vast array of priceless historical items he has on display. Of course if you’d been creeping around for hundreds of years your home would have some interesting artifacts too.


So what has this got to do with the Internet?


Quite a lot actually, you see with the Internet, the content you publish is essentially “immortal” and lives forever – just like the Highlander. And just like the Highlander’s home – filled with valuable historical nick-nacks (that were once nothing more than everyday items) – so your content gains in value as each day passes online.


Remember, unlike print or other traditional media, the words you write (or speak) will continue to share your message daily. This constancy is one of the fundamental high-points of strategic content marketing online. Your ROI is amazing!


Now, what of ‘Mercury Free Cookies?’ Frankly it’s a tenuous link at best and relates only to the fact I find it tiresome to read “stupid advertising.” I shall not name the offending brand — because frankly it’s not their fault we [must?] place dopey messages on the packaging — but I figured being told something wasn’t actually a part of the product was just plain silly.


So I took it to the natural extension and announced that I eat “Mercury Free Cookies!” and while I’m thinking about it, they’re also ‘plastic free’ and so on. Daft isn’t it?

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