“James is the only person I know who is sharp as a tack where marketing and technology are concerned, can sit and write for sixteen hours straight when he decides to, and also has a right brain a lot of poets or painters would kill for. A rather exotic cocktail of talents and skills, knowledge and service chops. (And he makes his clients money!)” – Tom St.Louis

James offers extensive experience in many aspects of business particularly in web related fields. He has excellent skills in writing, promoting and how to both expand your web presence and how to protect your online reputation. We have hired him to do everything from print advertising, email marketing, SEO writing, PPC campaigns and other related projects.” – Ken Bolt, Brant Florist

“Working with James Burchill is like finding a rare gem. He’s highly knowledgeable in his field and in other broader subjects, yet approachable and easy to talk to when conveying your needs. This combination results in the secure feeling that he has the experience to execute a plan to solve your problem. In short, he’s brilliant. I highly recommend working with him and look forward to working with James again in future.” – Lindsey DiMarcantonio, Photographer

“James is extremely aware of the marketing climate we live in and always has timely advice for the proper strategy to see through the clouds. As a student of his, I not only trust his expertise but also appreciate his honesty and integrity in a world of marketers only concerned about their own dollars. What I appreciate more so than just the “how-to” of his advice is the “why” behind his strategies: My knowledge is deeper than just surface-level because of his methodology in teaching. James will help you grow your business and will consistently empower you to be better!” – Lael M. Cook Facebook Ads Expert

“In short, James has been integral to my success in business development, project management, website planning, and understanding the kind of processes that bring it all together. I had the pleasure of working with James on a few different projects and every single time I was able to garner some wisdom from our interactions. James is a stand-up guy, a wealth of information in regard to all things online marketing, and an expert at how to facilitate available technology in a way that shows a healthy ROI. I look forward to continually working with James on future projects, his work pays for itself.” – Mike Hulleman

“I’ve come across many people who claim to be ‘experts’ on internet marketing and after getting to know James, I now understand what a true ‘expert’ is. James’s level of knowledge, and how to apply it, around the internet is mind blowing. We invited James to speak to our entire client base and received glowing testimonies from the content he delivered. He seeks to provide value first which is the only way to do business. I would highly recommend James with 2 thumbs up for internet marketing.” – Jamie Cunningham

“James is professional, knowledgeable, and a great teacher! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that could benefit from his vast range of expertise.” – Kevin Visser