Google Apps Gets ISO 27001 Certification (and why that matters)

One of the biggest concerns many businesses have with the cloud is security. In some cases, the cloud is actually better for some business’ security needs because the larger enterprises who offer cloud services are often better equipped for secure systems. Still, some businesses could not use cloud services like Google’s Apps because their market or line of work requires specific security compliance.

Now Google has achieved ISO 27001 certification for Apps, which means that most of those companies who require specific data protections can now be compliant when using convenient Apps from Google’s repertoire.

Specifically, Google Apps for Business has received the certification and can now offer this compliance to business users. In a blog post, Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security for Google Enterprise, says:

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Most Secure Websites Aren’t

Did you know that most ‘secure’ websites actually aren’t all that secure? A report released by the Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) recently says that of the top 200,000 HTTPS-enabled websites online, 90% of them are vulnerable to known attacks.

TIM is a non-profit organization that works on Internet security, privacy and reliability problems and this report is part of a project there called SSL Pulse. Pulse uses automated scanning technology developed by Qualys (a leading security vendor) to analyze the strength of HTTPS implementations.

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