How I shared the stage with Robert G. Allen

Rga 725 eventIt was the mid 80’s when I first discovered Robert G. Allen and his entrepreneurial advice about making money resonated with me at a core level.

Passive income, multiple streams of income, cash in a flash, infopreneuring income … I was hooked.

Over the decades I read more of his books, listened to his teachings and imagined how cool it would be to meet him one day.

Life went on. I eventually became self employed and started teaching and sharing my passion for technology, networking and social media.

Then a funny thing happened, I heard through a friend that Mr Allen had seen something I’d created and he was impressed! This led to a brief meeting, then a phone call and emails and before I knew it … an invite to speak at one of his last events in Toronto! 

This past week I had the very great pleasure of attending Robert G Allen’s 3 day advanced infopreneur training and the honour of teaching the audience about social media and social fusion networking.

It’s a surreal experience being on stage doing something you love and sitting there in the audience (taking notes no less!) is one of your mentors and inspirations that helped shape your life path. 

Rumour has it I did good :)

“Getting one of the few available tickets for an advanced 3 day training with Mr. Robert Allen in Toronto was worth every penny to attendees, now getting to speak on Mr. Allen’s stage – that’s priceless! Mr. James Burchill founder of Social Fusion Networking joins Mr. Allen to put on the most detailed and actionable clinic on social media and networking that we’ve ever experienced!” – Rob Provenzano, Co-Founder (Totally Awesome Events)

“James’ seminar was awesome. Not only was it entertaining , it was filled with great content. A time well spent. Thank you Rob and Bob for arranging this. Thank you James for doing this.” – Bob McLellan

“So many tips. I was truly impressed. James just saved me hours of manual inputs with just one of his recommendations. Thank you.” – Dinesh Bharuchi

PS. Meeting Robert G. Allen and sharing the stage to speak at one of his events was on my ‘bucket list’ … Done! :-)