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“What is PLR?” is a question I’m often asked. Simply put it’s the granted right to use someone’s copy as if it were your own. You get to “privately” label it as yours … PLR

It’s very common in online marketing – specially with the huge demand for content. That and the fact most people would rather juggle cats than stare blankly at a page … wondering what to write as the deadline ticks closer still.

With PLR you can dodge that bullet. Literally and figuratively simply by purchasing the rights to reuse someone else’s content.

Sound a bit sketchy? Not at all. Licensing content is a very old and very noble pastime for publishers… and that’s essentially what YOU become the moment you pay someone for the rights to use their copy.

There’s really very little difference between paying a writer to write you an article and buying a PLR package of content … aside from they fact that it’s usually cheaper, and unlike a privately commissioned article, you are not likely the only purchaser of the content.

Which brings me to a very valid point … if you think that you and three-hundred others have purchased the same PLR content, you might want to rethink the purchase or accept the fact you’ll need to edit it to ensure it stands apart.

To solve this dilemma, professional PLR offers are usually limited to a certain number of issues … a bit like a Franklin Mint limited edition plate: “only XXX will ever be sold!” Look for these, they’re the best deal because of the limited release.

Bottom line, you can save time, save money and provide the quality content you need. If you love to write then I suspect you’ll have turned your nose up at PLR earlier in the article, but if like many, you’re not a professional wordsmith, then using PLR might be just the edge you need.

By the way … there’s PLR for many things these days: articles, video, solo emails, sales letters, email autoresponder sequences and the newest edition to the family… SOCIAL MEDIA.

In fact, you never need be without a Tweet, a LinkedIn or Facebook update ever again. And if you are looking for entire Twitter marketing or Facebook status update campaigns … they exist too.

My Content Made Easy service provides the best of both worlds … limited edition PLR that’s customizable to your specific needs. If you’d like to know more, get in touch because there are limits on the PLR releases and as you might imagine, this is a VERY popular (and affordable) marketing service indeed!

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