Social Media Is Not a Strategy, It’s a Set of Tactics

social media isn't a strategy

The allure of Social Media (SM) is strong, it’s become the modern-day equivalent of a marketing cure-all. The initial stage of “WHAT” has passed, now people simply want to implement “HOW” – and while this is good, it’s also dangerous without a little “WHY” … better known as strategy.
The tools don’t make the master … let’s take the analogy of rowing. You can get the best carbon fibre canoe, the lightest oarsmen, the fittest and fastest team, be totally in the zone and row better than anyone else. BUT … if you are rowing in the wrong direction and worse still, rowing up the wrong river then it’s all for nothing.
Social Media without the strategy is like rowing the wrong way up the wrong river! You’ll feel like you’re accomplishing a lot but in the end the results won’t support the effort.
Markets and Marketing are a conversation … so is Social Media. Knowing what to say, when to say it and why you’re saying it is crucial. Without planning and forethought you are basically burning money and worse, damaging your reputation and your ability to recover.
Before the Internet, before online, a misspoken word, a social gaff, were eventually washed away with the passing of time. Not any more. Every mistake, every move is eternally recorded and indexed for all the world to see. 
By all means enter the fray and “shoot from the hip” – be “organic” and “trendy” and see how far that gets you. Or, be smart. Hang back a bit first. Watch from the side-lines. Plan your moves. Plan what you’ll say and then plan to win.
That’s strategy. That’s what we do at Business Fusion Marketing
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