Social Media: How Engaged Are Your Customers

Here’s a rather concise definition of the four levels of customer engagement. I found these great definitions on the Gallup web site. See if you can tell which one will cause you the most trouble:

  • Fully Engaged
  • Engaged
  • Not Engaged
  • Actively Disengaged

Fully Engaged – customers are strongly emotionally attached and attitudinally loyal. They’ll go out of their way to locate favoured product or service, and won’t accept substitutes. True brand ambassadors, they are your most valuable and profitable customers.

Engaged – customers are emotionally attached, but they’re not strongly loyal. They do like your product or service, but they can be tempted to switch by a more convenient, more attractive, or lower priced offer.

Not Engaged – customers have a take it or leave it attitude toward your product or service. They’re disconnected emotionally and are attitudinally neutral toward your brand and what you’re selling.

Actively Disengaged – customers are completely detached from your company and its products and services. They will readily switch or — if switching is difficult or impossible — may become virulently antagonistic toward your company or brand. Either way, they’re always eager to tell others how they feel.

Source: Gallup

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