Social Fusion

Social FusionSocial Fusion is a methodology and a mind-set.

It’s also what happens when you integrate multiple media channels, relevant content, selective automation and our innate need to connect, share and communicate with each other.

The “result” is greater than the sum of its parts.

Other interesting side-effects of social fusion include message morphing (this is where the actual message changes in context, in structure and sometimes even in meaning!)

Social Fusion can also cause a chain reaction within the various dimensions of the message, the media and the market (audience).

It’s quite possible for the “impact” of the message (even the act of transmission alone) to change the recipient and thus cause a feedback loop.

The power of social fusion lies in it’s ability to produce energy beyond it’s initial conditions and yet predicting what “messages” will ‘come alive’ and what will simply sputter and fade is challenging.

Some keys elements increase your chances of regularly achieving Social Fusion success and they include: message relevancy, emotional value, recency (hint: use automation), controversy and personality.

Did you notice many of the previously suggested success conditions are human in nature? A final tip … Success lies in the Psychology not the Technology of this problem domain.

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