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After my Senior VP job ended abruptly (when my employer went out of business) I decided to remove the “middle man” (the employer) and work directly with clients.

In January of 2000 I became self-employed and while being your own boss has it’s challenges, I love the freedom and the security it affords me. Security you say?

Yes, because unlike a job where all my income came from one employer, now it’s generated through multiple income streams and clients.

Now I’m no longer at the mercy of a company closing or an employer deciding to downsize a department. I work when I want with whom I choose and charge what I wish.

Self employment is the ultimate freedom. I highly recommend it, even if you only have a part-time side hustle.

How Can I Help You?

Currently my time/work is divided between authoring new courses, coaching clients and freelance writing.

Get in touch for a relaxed and easy-going chat about your goals or start by checking out these popular client choices:

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