School’s Out … Social Media Safety Tips For Parents


OK people … Summer’s here and if you have kids please remember that while social media is a fun, cool and powerful way to share updates and stay connected … please remember the following:

1) Not everyone following you is your friend. Sadly creepy people use Social Media too.

2) Posting PUBLICLY IDENTIFIABLE pictures of your kids is questionable at best – in my opinion very bad if they’re younger. Photos of them in swim wear, shorts and other summer clothing can attract the wrong kind of creep online…

3) And while PRIVATE posting might be acceptable, things have a way of moving from private to public very easily. Are you CERTAIN you have your Social Media security settings correct?

4) If you send your kids to camp, under no circumstances announce what camp they’re staying at. Worse still, don’t photograph them standing next to the darned camp sign then post it to Facebook!

5) If your kids are staying home … perhaps alone because they’re older … don’t announce this either. Can anyone say “Flash Mob” or “Project X” party?

6) And if your kids are away … and no one is home … seriously … do I need to remind you NOT to tell the criminal underworld that NOW is a great time to break into your home!

Finally …

7) Remind your kids to about texting and emailing their whereabouts publicly and to be careful when sharing photos with their friends too.

I know … I know … I’m being a real buzz-kill with this “negative nelly” advice. But seriously, social media and the internet are incredibly powerful tools that most people are still only grasping the impact of.

Sure, use technology to remain connected to your kids while they’re away at camp. Share moments and memories … but be careful about what you share, how you share it and with whom.

The internet is not all unicorns and rainbows … 

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James Burchill

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One thought on “School’s Out … Social Media Safety Tips For Parents”

  1. Hi James,
    Loved this School’s Out post. As a parent of three younger kids and the owner of a number of Educational Businesses I have to say your article is as practical and honest a guide as anything else I read ever read on the subject. With your permission I look forward to sharing it with others in our parent community.
    BTW I am very excited to announce that we are be opening a new SYLVAN LEARNING CENTRE in Burlington over the Summer. For over 30 years Sylvan has specialize in offering high quality individualized learning plans to children in JK through Gr.12. While we are waiting for our telecoms to be installed parents can contact our Sylvan learning Centres in Oakville or Hamilton locations for more details and take take advantage of our exciting early bird offers.
    I also have one of my team coming to your Social Media workshop on July 31. I regret to say that with a very busy workload I have not made it out to one of your Burlington Networking events yet but I look forward to meeting you in person soon as we move towards the Grand Opening of .
    Desmond Jordan Exec Director Sylvan Learning Centre, Burlington.

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