Russ Logisse Smartcar Coffee Confidential

I recently had the opportunity to meet and interview Russ Logisse of Fit With Fuss. We grabbed a couple of beverages and had a chat about life, business and a few things in-between. This is Russ’ Smartcar Coffee Confidential.

*** Watch to the very end to see a out-take that didn’t make the final cut but was worth keeping!

— About Russ Logisse —

Former Pro Athlete turned business man and personal trainer, Russ Logisse now spends his days coaching people to be healthier and fitter than ever before and creates and delivers custom training at his new training facility in Burlington.

Visit and learn how you can become fitter, healthier and happier.

— About James —

James Burchill is a best selling author, instructor and local entrepreneur who loves helping individuals and small businesses connect, communicate and convert their conversations into cash. To date, his training programs and consulting services have helped over 18,000 people in 155 countries save time and make more money. Learn more @

* Visit if you’d like details on how to become a future guest.

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