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Most people who read my work or listen to me speak know the value of blogging. You might recall this saying:

“Be Found, Be Noticed, or Be History!”

Light abstract lamp 40748However, anyone who’s tried blogging quickly learns that keeping your online presence fresh and updated takes time.

Time to think of ideas, time to site down and write, time to edit what you wrote, time to publish the content on your blog, time to fix the errors your missed *grin* and so on…

“James, will you help us blog?”

This is probably why more clients have been asking me if I can handle their blogging. The simple answer is “Yes!” and my writers and I have been doing this ’secretly’ for a while now.

Ghost blogging is the term you might have heard – it’s like ghost writing but only this time it’s for blogs. Clients who want their blog professionally written, managed and marketed often retain my services.

I offer various levels of service from simple editorial and strategic review of your content (where you still handle the publishing) through to complete end-to-end content creation, publishing and social marketing activities. I can custom create a service to fit your needs and budget.

My team and I can handle all the heavy lifting and make you look like a blogging star. And if you want our anonymity – you got it. We’re happy to remain “Ghostly” so you can bask in all the blogging glory *grin*

The blogging service we offer is designed for English web sites only.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Quality unique content
  • Includes social media marketing elements
  • Posts are validated by editors before publishing
  • Posts include catchy public domain images

Get in touch if you’d like a “ghost” to take care of your blogging … your secret’s safe with me 😉

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