Our Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little SecretThere is a dirty little secret about entrepreneurs and small businesses that nobody wants to talk about. It’s called follow-up failure and it could be costing you thousands in lost revenue.

You see, the majority of entrepreneurs do a lacklustre job of following up with leads out of sheer time restraints. They can only focus on the hot leads, while the other leads go untouched.

The cycle is made worse when they go out and spend precious dollars to get more leads, thus repeating the process.

This on-again, off-again marketing and failure to follow up with customers and prospects could be costing you thousands in lost opportunity and wasted marketing dollars.

There is a solution for follow-up failure, it’s called MARKETING AUTOMATION and there are many solutions available for the price sensitive small business.

Of course, getting the right tool is one thing … knowing what to do with it is quite another. If you’d like to learn how to quickly implement marketing automation in your business (and reclaim your time so you can stabilize your income and then grow,) start by downloading my FREE SALES FUNNEL SCHEMA and I’ll begin sharing some free trainings with you.

Visit the http://SalesAndMarketingAutomation.org for your FREE DOWNLOAD

Take care and start automating ASAP … your bank account will thank you!

James Burchill

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