OMG … the grammar police are coming!

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In the last 2 days I’ve noticed a sudden increase in some rather “ranty”, overly self-important postings on the subject of grammar. For instance, should it be two spaces or one after a period? Is it to or too? Their or they’re?


While I’m occasionally irritated by sloppy writing, I know we all make gaffs – I do. And to think that one slip or even a few slips of the fingers means you’re (… or is that your?…) an uneducated dolt is simply silly.

Here’s why:

Communication is about the result you get.

If your message is understood and imparts the information you intended, if you get the result you wanted … mission accomplished.

Now, I’m not saying you can be super sloppy with your writing because straying too far from accepted usage means you simply won’t be understood.

But one or two gaffs occasionally … I let it slide because I’m interested in the message, not whether they still remember every single grammar rule from school.

Gravity is a rule … try defying it! Arguing over whether it’s two spaces or one after a period is a waste of breath.

Are you really that bored you can’t think of something better to do? Does lording over the poor sap who slipped a keystroke make you feel better? Hmm …

How about focusing your obviously excess energies on world peace, solving famine, the national debt … now that’s worth thinking about and arguing over … but a missing apostrophe, a misplaced comma …

Nah … it’s like ants arguing over who owns the elephant they’re sitting on.

My point precisely. 

Remember, communication is the result you get not the kudos you get for properly conjugating your verbs and structuring your sentence ;-)

PS. The image is Gracie (our 2kg Yorkie terrier) sporting a bumblebee outfit. I could’t find one of her wearing a police uniform … 

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