OMG … I’m NOT perfect!

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Recently I was reviewing the comments in my blog and I noted someone had taken great pains to rather spitefully criticize a typo I’d made in a piece (or is that peace?) of writing. They’d written an entire diatribe citing all my writing credentials as if those should be sufficient proof I must never … ever … foul up.

But I did. I said “who’s” instead of “whose.” 

OMG! I made a boo-boo.


Good lord, I write over 250,000 words a year (at least) … and yes, I actually figured it out. So it’s pretty dang likely I’m going to make a mistake once in a while.

For fun, let’s try and quantify that shall we? Assuming I make one word gaff per day (it’s nowhere near that high, but hey … let’s use that data anyway.) Then we calculate those gaffs as a percentage of the 250K words I write and that yields an accuracy overall of 99.854%

Not too shabby eh?

Sure, it sucks when a typo slips past. But the last time I checked, no one died if I made a mistake in an email, a blog post, a sales letter, a script, an advert or some other random chunk-o-text I write for the fun of it.

So if your (I know …. you’re) thinking of trying to send me some jumped up little grammar police style missive saying how I should be soooooo ashamed I messed up. Bit me!

Cr*p … BITE ME ;-)

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5 thoughts on “OMG … I’m NOT perfect!”

  1. I’m sorry. This really made me laugh a bit. I’m a full-time writer and I make mistakes, too. It’s only when people claim to be writers and then start making daily mistakes (and I DO see those), that I become irritated. Moving on…!

  2. What I love are the people who show up on my blog or any of the sites I write for and leave grammatically incorrect, horribly-spelled missives about how bad my writing is..

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