“Modern Marketing” Holding You Back?

10 Modern Marketing MistakesThey say “time and tide wait for no man” and the same can be said of marketing. A day doesn’t seem to pass without someone somewhere telling you about another marketing tactic you “absolutely must do or you’ll be left behind!”


… and I’ll prove it to you.

In this “Lunch n Learn” style eCourse (yup, I created it so you could learn what you need in the time it takes to eat your lunch) I’ll teach you about 10 “modern marketing” tactics that you can dump today. Dropping any one or more of these tactics will save you time and money. Guaranteed.

In fact, if you preview the presentation and think the advice wasn’t worth the price, simply request  a refund – you’ll get it, and you can keep the BONUS eBook as my gift for giving it a try.

So there you have it. Grab your lunch (or favourite beverage) and enjoy the presentation as I share the “10 modern marketing tactics that are holding you back today.”

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James Burchill

James is a fan of practical "what" and "how to" information and enjoys showing you how to 'convert conversations into cash' using social media, online marketing and live events.

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