Marketing Your Business on Twitter

Twitter is a real time micro-blogging platform that uses very short messages to share information. It’s format is similar to SMS text messaging without the fumbling thumb typing.


What I’ve been asked — more than a few times lately — is this:

“How can I use this social media platform to market my business?”

Here’s a few simple, yet powerful ways to put the power of Twitter to work for you:

How To Market Your Business Using Twitter


You can use Twitter to post:


* News announcements

* Messages to Twitterverse

* Survey questions to the Twitterverse

* Requests for feedback (eg. website redesigns)

* Links to:

   – press releases

   – special deals

   – events

   – programs

   – promotions

   – blog posts

   – videos

   – podcasts

   – free software


And of course I recommend sharing non-promotional materials too like the great stuff you find on the web. Remember to ’share the love’ because it gets pretty lame if all you do is sell me, me, me…


And speaking of Me… You can follow me and my tweets on twitter at @jamesburchill

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