Marketing Automation Software – The Key to Your Success

Art creative pattern 171198I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “People buy when THEY’RE ready to buy … and NOT BEFORE!” Nearly 7 out of 10 people who say “No thanks” today will say “Yes!” inside 12 months. Let that sink in for a moment… that means you need to keep asking, or put in a more more palatable way – keep following up.

But who has time? I mean it’s tedious, boring work isn’t it? Remembering to send that email, to mail that card, to call that client. Ick… and the rejection. The voicemail tag. It’s enough to make you want to run away and join the circus. But what if there was a better way? What if there was a way whereby a hundred digital hands lifted you up and did all the ‘dirty work’ so you didn’t have to?

Well I can tell you this ‘nirvana’ exists and has done so for quite some time. Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing automation – and in this particular fairy tale: marketing automation software. Of course, in this story the tale is true. No monsters, damsels in distress and toads to kiss. Nope, simply a case of clarity, describing the process you undertake when courting a client (marketing or selling to them) and then automating it.

I’ve been doing this for years, more than 25 to be exact. Of course to be fair in the beginning I sucked at it. Most folks do when they start out, of course it was the 1980’s and technology was a blunt instrument – but what the heck, we tried šŸ˜‰

Today the idea of automating marketing is not new, in fact it’s quite ‘old hat’ as solutions go. What does make it exciting for me though is the advances that have been made in technology over the past 20 or so years.

When I first started modelling business processes and converting them to automated subroutines, the world was a very different place. Today those same “dumb systems” are capable of adapting and changing the flow of messaging based on the prospects interaction with the system!

That’s amazing. It’s bordering on adaptive logic. Maybe that’s too much technology to share here, but what it means is this – your sequence of follow up messages can adapt and change based on how the prospect reacts – imagine they react very strongly in a positive fashion, would you still keep dripping messages on them? Heck no! You’d try a pre-close on them ASAP. And I’m betting it’d work too. And if it did not, you can still keep following up with abandon…

Why? Because YOU ARE NOT DOING THE HARD WORK! The system is. It’s so liberating using technology today, it’s why I write about it and why I spend a great deal of time exploring various solutions on the market today.

Here’s one of my favourites: Aweber.

This marketing automation tool is definitely one of the main players in sequential email delivery. It even has some automation logic whereby you can be unsubscribed from one list (or flow of messages) when you join another. It’s pretty basic, but it’s rock solid and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to only focus on email follow-up marketing.

Of course, if you want the full suite of follow-up technologies – including an email follow-up unlike any other, you really need to take a good look at Infusionsoft.

To be fair, MailChimp deserves a mention too as they’ve just added in a bunch of sequential logic features to their solution.

Either way, pick a tool and use it. They’re will always be newcomers so don’t let analysis paralysis stop you from using automation technology to make your marketing life easier.

And if you need a little help – get in touch, I’d be happy to provide you with some coaching on how best to approach automating this important part of your business, and my email sequence copywriting services are budget friendly too!

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One comment on “Marketing Automation Software – The Key to Your Success
  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for a really cool post! I guess that marketing automation can play a really huge role in creating the need to buy, but especially help in focusing in re-engaging the customers who become ready to buy. Also, my favourite tool right now is GetResponse. I guess it has a few things in common with Aweber?

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