Introduction to #B2B #Networking – Tips & Training #SFNetwork {Jan12 @ 4pm}

Wood light sunny 210620Say what you want about b2b networking … it works. 82% of most small businesses get the bulk of their new business from it. But most people are not at ease walking into a room full of strangers and starting up a conversation. In fact, for many, it’s about as awkward as one of those weird naked flying dreams where you end up trying to explain calculus to your 87 year-old grandma!

But fear not … it’s truly not that hard when you’re armed with a few tricks, tips and some basic training.

Hello, my name is James Burchill and for more than 5 years I’ve been producing various networking events and seminars. I’ve hosted small events of 50-100 people all the way up to events with more than 700 guests in attendance.

And to top it off … I’ve spoken to these large groups: one on one, and one to many.

And while I still feel a little anxious when I address a group (hey, we’re human … it’s normal) I have learned over the years a few techniques I’ll share with you that will help you get over the initial fear of starting that first conversation.

In this one-hour pre-networking networking introduction (try saying that fast 3 times!) I’ll also share the following with you:

• The Do’s and Don’ts of b2b networking BONUS: After the event I’ll email you a copy of my B2B Networking Tips cheat sheets. Simply print the 3 pages and use them as an easy reference next time you network.

• I’ll share a simple template you can use for your “pitch”

• I’ll teach you a quick trick ensuring your networking yields result$ (Tip: LM)

• I’ll teach you some super-sneaky-NLP techniques that help you read people’s mind and tell what they’re thinking. (TIP: Hands, Feet & Eyes)

• Then we’ll take turns and practice our pitch … this means you’ll be able to tell the rest of the group WHAT YOU DO (clever huh?)

• Finally, I’ll unleash you on the 5pm group of networkers to take what you learned and put it to good use.

IMPORTANT: This special event has “Vegas” rules in place … what happens in the room, stays in the room. So don’t feel awkward if you duff up your pitch or stumble. I still do. It’s normal. And everyone else is there to learn too, we’re all friends – or soon will be 😉

And the price for all this networking goodness ???

Just $10

And the group is limited to just 20 people so we all have time to try our pitches and learn some cool techniques too.

If you have any questions, just ask me.


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