published my Smartcar Coffee Confidential with Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring

Smartcar Coffee Confidential with Mayor Rick GoldringIn case you missed the memo I’ve been taking local business owners, vips and other dignitaries for coffee in my Smartcar … and filming it for distribution through my 25K+ social media followers and Youtube channel.

* My Youtube channel logged over 500 hours of watch time last month.

And recently I had a fun time interviewing the Mayor of Burlington, Rick Goldring who is running for re-election layer in 2018.

I found Mayor Goldring warm and friendly and surprisingly candid with me … considering he really didn’t know what to expect when he got into my little Smartcar!

And best of all … covered the story recently too. Thanks to Karen Miceli the Regional Manager Digital Content,
Halton Division Star Metroland Media.

Remember, if you’re local to Burlington and would like to be a guest on a future episode, visit for details or contact me directly.

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